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Dry Ridge Systems in Sheffield

Dry ridge, rather than relying on mortar for a bond, instead employs a dry fix system that usually uses screws – often stainless steel – to attach clamps between the joints of each ridge tile, clamping them to the roof. Beneath these screws are water-proof unions that catch any small amount of direct rainfall and distribute it sideways back onto the roof itself. A.W.Fascias are specialists for Dry Ridge Systems in Sheffield with a well-earned reputation and integrity born from experience in the field.


A new dry verge roof edge can transform your outdated, tired looking roof edges into a clean and new looking roof.
Over a period of time, all roofs will show signs and symptoms of ageing which then become vulnerable to having gaps between roof tiles, a new dry verge roof edge will offer that finishing touch to any roof. Dry ridge is the term for a technique used for mechanically fixing ridge tiles or hip ridge tiles to a roof without traditional sand and cement mortar.


In short, yes. The fact is they are now a building control requirement on all new roofs since BS 5534 was announced, although repairs to existing roof coverings are exempt, as are certain listed and period properties under the right circumstances.

image shows dry ridge systems in sheffield

Will not blow off 

There are various things that can affect the lifespan or bond of mortar bonded ridge tiles. Dry ridge however (as long as it has been mounted correctly) will not blow off under usual conditions, greatly lowering the risk from weather damage.

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Believe it or not, roof coverings move. This can be through vibration (near main roads or train tracks) or through natural expansion and contraction. Dry ridge allows for all kinds of movement. No more ridge tiles landing on the ground, vehicle or conservatory after high winds.


Unlike mortar there isn’t anything to maintain, mortar mixes will break down over time, often prematurely.


Dry ridge offers subtle ventilation of the roof space and helps to prevent any hazardous build-up of condensation

These edges are made of PVC-U, they’re completely weather resistant, they come in various colours and once put in they don’t require maintenance.

If you feel your home or premises could benefit from the installation of one of our modern dry ridge systems in Sheffield or the surrounding area, please don’t hesitate to contact us!